Short Story #6(Fictional written in 1st person)

The Other Side of the Tracks By: John Andrade When I was younger I’d would hangout at an old railroad junction with my only friend at the time Tilly. The two of us were like two peas in a pod. Our parents used to call us “Popeye and Olive Oil” because she was taller than … Continue reading Short Story #6(Fictional written in 1st person)


What’s Wrong with Nationalism?

I feel I have to ask this question, because with the way current trends are heading in the United States nationalism is rising and getting more popular and many on the left only want to say that it's "White Nationalism" on the rise. Though I think that people in the United States are starting to … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Nationalism?

Transgender Kids: Are We Doing More Harm Than Good?

This is a really good blog about children Recommended read

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

by Todd A. Whitworth

Before we start I’d like to disclose a little about myself to inform you the reader that I am not coming to this subject void of experience. I am a female to male transexual man. I started my transition in 1993 by changing my name and gender pronouns. I took a year before I began the physical part of my transition in 1994 with hormone replacement therapy, I was 21. I remain glad that I made the choice to transition, and that I took the time I did to explore that it was not just a phase.

The movement to support children transitioning from one gender to the other may be causing more harm than good. For the purpose of this piece, I am asserting that there are two genders male and female. Transitioning from one gender to the other is a long, expensive, and invasive process…

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