When I have Kids.

When I have kids I would let them wear what they think looks good on them as long as it’s tasteful and shows that they have respect for themselves. The plan I have is that I want one girl and one boy, but I would be happy with having just one child even if I have to adopt a child from the foster care system in the United States. Speaking of which is in horrible condition with reports of kids in the system being abused and neglected or being taken away from their biological parents for the littlest things and people who adopt kids look in other countries to do so. I’m not saying that all people who adopt kids want one from other countries just from what I hear and read it seems that way there are at least 20,000 kids in the US who can be adopted don’t believe me google it and see for yourself. So if I were to adopt I would do so working within the US foster care system even those kids need a loving family and place to call home.


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