Anime Boston 2016

For Anime Boston 2016 I want to portray a female character, but I don’t know which one to dress as and I am open to suggestions on who to cosplay(crossplay) as.

I know I have to practice tucking and walking while tucked so I can get used to it so I’m not uncomfortable at the event while walking around for several hours plus I have to tuck in a way that would still allow me to us the restroom without having to un-tuck and re-tuck every time I need to use the restroom which would be an inconvenience and just make me not want to do it again. I also want to do a male version of the female character I go as.

If you have a suggestion please leave a comment with a link to a photo of the character and a short description of what anime the character comes from and what they act like if you have a video of the character that is fine as well.

If you have tips you can leave those in the comment section as well.


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