What is Gender?

What is gender, is a very good question and many will tell you that gender is what you were born as either male or female. Why have we polarized the world so there can only be two sides to every story or issue, when it can’t be that simple to say that there are only two sides to something. We need to grow as a people and look for more than just what we can see with our eyes when we do that we can truly expand our minds and open up our world so everyone is treated with respect and kindness. The world we live in now is divided up into little groups and sub-categories so as children we learn from a young age to find a group and to “fit in” with said group and if we can’t find a group society will find us one and place us there even though we don’t really fit the group all the way because there are some people who fit into every group a Divergent if you will. I myself go out of my way to be as unique as possible as to not be placed into a group.

The nation needs to be more open and accepting of people’s differences and styles if we’re ever going to be a better country then we need to accept all no questions asked.


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