Can’t Speak for All…

I for don’t get the whole “coming out” thing that people do when in reality no one really cares, but I can see how it would show other LGBTQ people that there are others like them and know what they’re going through. I can also see how if you live in an area where you know people are horrible towards LGBTQ people then it would only create problems for yourself. The reason I don’t like people publicly coming out is because most people don’t really care if someone is homosexual, bisexual, or transgender when I realized I was bi I only told my mother and other family members and a select few friends who I felt needed to know everyone else I didn’t tell them because it’s none of their business what my sexuality is. True coming out is you coming out to yourself and accepting who you are not caring what others think about you. The only person you need to impress is you and no one else, don’t let society tell you who to be and what to wear or play with. We need to let our youth be kids and play as they wish doing so would be healthier for them and they would develop into kinder adults who care about others. Hate is a learned emotion.


One thought on “Can’t Speak for All…

  1. Very well stated. In fact, all your previous posts are thought provoking. Wish the comments weren’t closed.

    Hate is a very strong word. And you are right, it is a learned emotion often used in anger when something or someone has greatly disturbed you.

    Nice job! Keep on blogging!

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