Word of Advice/How did it become about looking like everyone else?

I don’t always give advice, but I just need to say this and hopefully it will help somebody somewhere. I know that some people like to form groups and label themselves, but I don’t think that’s the way to go if we can get back to a point where people are treated as individuals I remember growing up in the 90’s when there were different groups, but each group was unique and had a different style where I lived people didn’t care how you dressed as long as you made it your own, but now a days if someone dresses differently they’re made fun of and picked on for having their own style and dressing like everyone else. I don’t like how now in order to be “cool” you have to do what the mainstream media and the entertainment industry say is cool and hip I could care less about what Beyonce or Jay-Z is wearing or doing in the US we treat celebrities like Royalty when I can tell you that many of them just want to live their life in private without being followed or hounded by hundreds of people at a time every time they go out to eat or anywhere they may want to go I’m not saying don’t like their music, but at least treat them like normal people to them singing and rapping are just jobs to feed their families even TV and Movie stars deserve the same respect.


One thought on “Word of Advice/How did it become about looking like everyone else?

  1. As a society we have been conditioned to believe that the unity felt in dressing and looking alike, whether it’s a school/work uniform or a specific style/fashion look brings us safety and acceptance from that group. While at the same time those of us who venture out of the box tend to be singled out, not for our uniqueness, but rather for being non-conformists.

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