This Generation’s Youth

I grew up in the during the 90’s and there wasn’t as much sex on TV as there is with this generation, when I was a kid if I wanted to watch a show that even talked about sex I had to stay up till 11:00 p.m. just to watch the shows that had simulated sex in them like the old MTV show Undressed which I found out about lake and then it was cancelled or something. Back on topic on TV now at 8 o’clock at night there are shows with with sex in them on, I know these shows are aimed at the older teens and not preteens, but most kids these days don’t go to bed till around 12 in the morning. Then there are show like “16 & Pregnant” that I think unintentionally glorify pregnancy teens today only seem to care about being famous from what I’ve seen if you go on the website YouTube there are channels made by 8 and 9 year old kids trying to get famous because they seem to think that’s all it take to get famous, but they’re wrong most of them have a talent that they want to show case and I’ve seen channels by kids where they’re “twerking” in shorts that they shouldn’t even be wearing at their age. The things I did when I was younger were play outside with friends and just be a kid now a days you can probably go to any park and she a kid sitting on the bench looking at their iPhone and texting someone not even playing at the park or on the swings. I just don’t get this generation some kids in this generation are content with following the crowd and not having their own ideas or style and the ones that are different are made fun of and called names. I bet if you take away this generation’s technology they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves, that seems like a good challenge to prove me wrong. I want someone anyone in this generation to not use technology for three months and see if they can last or even only use 90’s tech like pagers and two-ways.

If this goes viral and becomes the new challenge to do on the internet then so be it.


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