Why me?

I have been thinking about who I am and what I want to be. When I chose my trade in culinary arts I wanted to open my own restaurant, but now as I reach the age of 30 I want to work with children I don’t know why or even if I will want a change from that I still want to get into politics just as I learn about how they work I want to be the one behind the scenes pulling the strings. I could still see myself as a politician just maybe at the local level or state level not so much on the federal level. I want to work with kids because I think I can help kids who are LGBT with fitting in and finding a balance in their lives to get to a place where they’re happy with themselves and can be open with people about who they are. Plus I can be that someone to talk to whenever they want to talk or in cases of emergency if necessary. I want to be that support system for them in their lives.


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