Disney princess Syndrome

Worth a read very thought provoking view of the world Disney wants girls to believe in

Sara's Humble Blog

I often wonder when do kids start to notice what is beautiful and what’s not. Parents, obviously, have an effect on a child view. Just last week a 9 and 7 year old girls mention who they find pretty and how they wish they were her. So I asked what so beautiful about her and they replied with excitement she is white and has long straight hair. Now mind you these two girls are quite beautiful with an olive/tan skin tone which is common in the Middle East. But they hear since childhood how beautiful this girl is mainly because she is white and how that girl is not so because she is brown. I was once that little girl, I looked at the mirror and felt ugly because I didn’t have the right skin tone to be accepted as beautiful in my community, I tried starting from the age…

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