Gender Equality

The world wants gender equality, but only amongst the the two genders everyone says is normal. What about people who don’t see themselves as either male or female, with some seeing themselves as a third gender or even as neither gender. I’ve come across applications where they allow you to check “other” as a gender which seemed weird to me at first before I saw myself as not being all male, but also not seeing myself as female. Because sometimes don’t feel like a male most days and will act feminine on those days or some days I see myself as being both male and female at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with you if feel don’t feel like the gender you were assigned at birth. The only thing that you can do is be yourself no matter what gender you’re identifying as, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable even said clothes are for the opposite gender if you feel comfortable wearing them then wear them. Just rock them pride and keep your head up high.


One thought on “Gender Equality

  1. i’ve had friends who were staunchly ‘third-gendered’; they’re more common than most people realize.

    in the end, the whole gender binary setup will probably need to be dismantled, and the concept of gender widened into something that’s more accomodating for everyone. my guess is that this change will occur in the space of two or three generations, so long as we don’t suffer some kind of reactionary calamity, some new Dark Ages that shoves everyone back into the closet or underground.

    and it’s people like you who’ll bring that change to life. so keep writing. 🙂

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