One of these days

I want to buy a wig and makeup and try to pass a girl, but I don’t think I could become my facial hair grows back fast. I mean like could shave it and in a few hours it will be full stubble then the next day it’s as if I didn’t touch it at all. I may have to try something I saw at CVS which was nair for men and see if that works with keeping my face smooth because I have mostly feminine features for my body type and face some people even think I am younger than I actually am. As I have said before kids and even adults have mistaken me for a girl which is something I don’t mind because I don’t see myself as a male all the time sometimes I tuck which is a drag queen term for hiding male parts some it gives you a more feminine form down there. I have to practice if I ever want to pass as a female character at anime Boston plus I need to practice walking so I don’t come untucked during the event.


10 thoughts on “One of these days

  1. Most doctors will need a good reason for them to prescribe estrogen which usually implies lots of visits to a physiologist to see if Gender Identity Disorder(GID) applies. If someone Is prescribed hormones then it’s done with caution because once you start on hormones any changes are irreversible.


  2. I think you should, but please be safe about it. It might be best to start with a controlled environment, like a support group dinner or outing. That way, you’ll be safely among friends or, at least, friendly strangers. If you’re in a larger city (Boston?), you should be able to find a group whose meetings you can attend, even if you’re only there as a baby-step.

    Seriously, don’t underestimate the importance of safety.

    As for facial hair, something like Nair would be more effective for longer term “removal” as it destroys hair at the root; however, it’s a chemical solution and can be pretty harsh. Generally the Nair type products that are made for the face are directed at women, and female facial hair is lighter and more delicate (hormones) so the product may be ineffective against testosterone-influenced hair.

    Be careful with Nair. It’s smelly.

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