A female persona…

When it comes to names I have always liked Jenna, but I’ve been thinking of the name Jasmine for some reason like if I ever had a little girl I would name her Jasmine either as a nickname or birth name because I want to name the first girl child I have Amaranta which means “flower that never fades” and it would be in memory of my grandmother who when I told her what the name means she thought it was pretty. So I made the choice then that I would name the first girl I had that name, but this is more about what I would call myself if I were to switch between genders and it would be either Jasmine or Jenna or both because I may not even go out as them just make videos as them on this blog and YouTube I may even make separate email addresses for each one just to organize email questions I may get. If I do that I think it would be a good explanation for this blog as each would have their own personally and feelings on different issues. Just don’t expect two female personas the more effective way would be to create one female persona and go from there.


3 thoughts on “A female persona…

  1. you might also want to research the names that were popular in your birth year. many transpeople don’t take this into consideration when they choose an appropriate name, so they wind up with names that seem a bit ‘off’ to the general public.

    you can use a tool like this one, from the Social Security Administration:


    (thanks for inadvertently giving me an idea for a future blog post 🙂 )

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