Children’s Toys & Clothes….

I like hearing stories in the media about how online retailers are removing the “Boy’s” and “Girl’s” categories from their toys page on their websites because just because a little boy plays with Barbies or a kitchen doesn’t mean he’s going to be gay and if a girl plays with trucks or a play workbench doesn’t mean she’s going to be a lesbian. The way I see it is that kids should be allowed to play with whatever they want no matter what it is, I also think the same should be done with clothes we should sort them by age because clothes don’t have a gender. I hope that one day I will be able to walk into a store and see clothes and toys sorted by age not gender.

The reason I would want this is because I want to be able to see if people would buy and wear clothes if there are no gender labels just age markings I wouldn’t mind wearing a skirt.

If I were to wear a skirt I’d wear a black one with a nice black vest with a gray undershirt.

The standard of which all of the clothes I buy are black or gray I don’t buy white because every time I do it turns black when I sweat and no matter how many times I wash it, it doesn’t go back to being white so I stick with black, but I would wear white just not to a place where I will be doing a lot of moving around like if I had to go to a function I’d wear a white suit and I would try not to get anything on it at all, but most of the suits I wear are black. As I said in an earlier post I want to dress and pass as a girl not to fool people, but to see if I talk to more people as a girl than as a boy. I think it would be a good thing to see if it will help, maybe crossplaying as a female anime character at Anime Boston will help I just have to work on my voice and sounding more feminine as my voice tends to crack at times when I’m talking as my voice is still changing I don’t know if it’s getting deeper or higher. I hope it doesn’t change that much if it does change because as of right now some people think I’m a girl when I answer my phone and it’s a call from one of the many LGBT and Political organizations I donate money to they always say “thank you ma’am” or “have a good day ma’am” I don’t mind at all I kind of like it.


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