School Committee

So I decided to run for the school committee in my city and some of the things that I want are better protection for LGBT youth so that they can learn in a safe environment without fear of being bullied for being who they are. The other thing I want is to reduce the amount of tests students are taking and allow teachers to teach their students in a way that would help them learn and remember what they have learned. I also want to see a return of elective courses like music, art, theatre, and others that have been cut over the years because that would help students who want to pursue those activities. All students within a school system don’t learn the same way as Common Core implies I see Common Core as a system that would hold back the highest achieving students so that the lowest achieving can catch up which it’s good to want students who are underachieving to improve, but not at the expense of holding back the overachieving students. I want a school system to go back to teaching students the basics of what they’re actually going to use in the world outside of school. Most other advanced countries only teach the basics, but do have options for students who want a more advanced education.


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