Gender Roles, Society, nature, or culture?

I was watching a YouTube Video and the person was talking about gender roles, and he said something that I think everyone should live by and that is “The best version of you, is you being you”. Which is true and I agree that the only person that can tell or show you who you are is you and no one else. We cling to these gender roles because that’s what society wants us to do, but is really that simple could be evolution or culture that shapes our gender roles and the truth is I don’t know what shapes our gender roles, but I do know that if you feel like the opposite sex or gender then express that freely just stay safe when you do so. It would also be helpful if you helped others come to terms with themselves as well and helped them get to a point where they can help someone as well and pay it forward.

Below is the video what it, I may paraphrased what he said.


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