I watched the latest episode of The Fosters and one of the characters said that sometimes labels help people and then had the main character Jude go against everything he believes in and say he was gay to a boy he is dating. What I think they should have done was have Jude tell Connor that he loved him and left it at that because what they did was show LGBTQ youth that you have to settle for a label even if you don’t like them because the person you’re with is content with labels and what other people think. Sexuality is more than just gay and straight just as gender is more than just male and female. I like the show, but it shows LGBTQ youth that sexuality is only gay and straight when that’s far from the truth of the matter because a lot of people see sexuality as a spectrum and not as a fork in the road where once you choose one you can’t go back to the other. I do have to agree that labels help people find like minded people who can help them with what they’re going through, but we need to show LGBTQ youth that there are more than just gay and straight when it comes to sexuality what about bisexuals and pansexuals because not acknowledging them is like saying that they don’t exist.


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