Gender Roles

As a people we have preconceived gender roles that have been so ingrained into life that when a someone normally a child doesn’t fit into those roles there seems to be a big problem with it and there shouldn’t be one at all because kids are still trying to find where they fit into this world we have there is no need to put all this pressure on them to fit into gender roles that they don’t fully understand yet let alone tell them what boys are suppose to do and what girls are supposed to do. I have been noticing that the toy sections of stores have preconceived gender roles because in the “girls” section they have babydolls, kitchen sets, fake vacuums and house cleaning stuff they are telling young girls that their role is to take care of kids, clean the house and cook. Then when you look in the “boys” section you see all the fake guns and anything that is “war and soldier” related things which tells boys that they’re to be tough and ready to fight and protect. With online stores removing gender options from their toy sections on their websites I would like to see the same thing happen in retail stores, but not just in the toy sections also in the clothes sections of their stores they should have the clothes sections labeled babies, kids, preteens/tweens, young adults, and adults. This would be a better option for people who are gender non-conforming.


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