I’m Transgender/ My Birthday

I like my body, but sometimes I feel like female and not male I don’t want to change my gender permanently I just sometimes want to be able to pass as a female sometimes. The reason I don’t want to change my gender with surgery is because I’m a religious person and I believe that God wouldn’t have given me this body without a reason I don’t push my beliefs on everyone because not everyone will agree with them. This has always been on my mind from the time I was young, but then I used to think that my body was wrong now I’m older and I can see that it’s not my body that was wrong it’s just that I feel that sometimes I’m a female and not male and there is nothing wrong with that at all. This is for anyone who feels the same way I did when I was younger so they know that everything is gets clearer with age and the older you get the more you will understand about yourself and the world around you it’s not about rushing into anything or holding back feeling about yourself because the world wants you to fit into a mold that you don’t fit into, it’s about taking the time to find yourself on your terms not the world’s or society’s standards of male and female there is more than one way to identify as transgender. So yes that would make me a Bisexual/Pansexual Transgender person who see’s gender as spectrum of male and female and not one or the other where you can find me in the middle sometimes or on the male side or even on the female side because I will not be put into a box.

My birthday is coming up on July 12 and I have no idea what to do that day not many of my friends like to go out and do anything and I want to do something good on that day.


17 thoughts on “I’m Transgender/ My Birthday

  1. and if you were to define yourself, at times, would you define yourself as one of the binaries? ie., if you were to define yourself, would you define yourself as male, would you define yourself as female, OR, would your clear definition be more like “i am definitely a blend of both”?

    some people’s clear definition is that they’re a blend, a “two-spirit”. maybe that’s you, or maybe not. 🙂 it’s something to think about i guess. 🙂

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    • As I am more feminine in nature I’d most likely define myself as female, I’d still hold most of my ideals about gender with wanting things to be neutral from toys to clothes and other stuff that is labeled as “boys” or “girls”

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      • ok, so you’re pretty clear about yourself then. 🙂 if i were to ask you more questions, i’d probably ask these:

        “how do you integrate all of this into your current life? you’re male-bodied, but you seem to identify as a mostly feminine person; do you think you’ll probably continue living as you do now? or, if you were to make changes with time, what changes do you think you might make?”

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      • I’d most likely continue living as I am now, but I would probably get breast implants a nice small cup size like “AA” or ” B” as I wouldn’t want them too big

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      • big boobs can be a pain in the butt, tbh. and they don’t typically age very well – they sag when you get older, which isn’t much fun …

        luckily for me, though, i have small breasts, too, and they seem to just stay perky even though i’m getting older. i really like mine – they’re just right. 🙂

        so, do you ever cross-over, in public, to see what it’s like to have people perceive you as female?

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      • no, I’d like to try though and go to areas where people know me to see if they recognize me or not. Mostly I just dress as a female in my house


      • well, i’ve said this to you before, i think, but just do be careful when you go out, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. choose a safe place to go, and, if possible, take a friend with you. people can be weird and irrational, and the world can be dangerous for those who inhabit the middleground.

        do be careful.

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      • that’s probably a good, safe place to be. lots of people crossplay, so you will be able to do it safely and see what it feels like to be in a female social role, in public.

        i think you should do it. 🙂


      • personally, i think it would be awesome if you chose for yourself, because you’re going to be her for a number of hours, and this is a chance for you to see what it feels like to be socially female. so if you identify with a character that you have specifically chosen, the experience will be that much more powerful for you.

        but, that’s just my opinion, and i certainly don’t know everything. probably it’s okay if your friend’s gf chooses. 🙂 either way it should be fun for you, i hope!

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  2. The reason I don’t want to change my gender with surgery is because I’m a religious person and I believe that God wouldn’t have given me this body without a reason

    this sounds like valid reasoning to me. be yourself, and live by your own principles. maybe the term genderqueer would be kind of applicable for you? someone who doesn’t fit into the binary of male/female but who sort of surmounts it?

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      • do you find it to be hard to be sort of in the undefined middle? do you feel any tug or pull to be one or the other, or are you really comfortable with having the freedom to be kind of fluid?

        i’m just kind of curious. not advocating for anything, just interested to hear what you think or feel about the middleground. personally, i think it would be a difficult place to be, but maybe that’s just me.

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