Casting Opportunity

So a couple of days ago I was asked if I could help get the word out about a new TV series and I said yes so below I will paste the application and contact information for anyone interested in the opportunity. I will say that this is not my project and weather or not they accept anyone who applies is up to Thinkfactory Media and not me. If you want more information I have placed contact information below as well. I think it’s would be a good opportunity and it would show the world that there is more than just two genders, and it would do so in a positive light to give people more information on everything Gender Fluid. As I have this blog linked to my Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ this should be seen by all of my followers on all of my social networks and they may even share it with their followers so here is to hoping it goes viral on the internet.

Justin Nichols
Thinkfactory Media
Office: 424.372.6866


People who live a “Gender Fluid” Lifestyle for a POSITIVE new TV Docu-Series! We are a very reputable production company looking for people who don’t always identify with being only male or only female. Instead, they positively embrace both gender types in their everyday life. 

If you are interested in speaking with us about this project, please submit the following information to JWalsh.Casting@Gmail.Com




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Please send to Jen at


2 thoughts on “Casting Opportunity

  1. Hi, I’m Joy, one of my friends sent me your email an there I seen where a new reality show for plus size people. That being said would like to tell a little bite about myself. I am 40 years old but act like im 21 . I don’t have any kids or husband. I’m self employed master cosmetologist. Who loves to be happy an have as much fun in life that I can. I have always wanted to be on tv . Im a Libra. Everything that I have ever heard about the Libra. Happens to be me 100% . So I’m gonna hope a pray that You will get this , an find some interest and getting to know a little more about me.I live in Columbus Georgia. Phone number 3345209036/ thaonejds@yahoo. Com. Available anytime. Hope to here something back from you .Soon :-):-):-)


    • If this is about the casting opportunity please send all inquires to the emails above as I don’t control the casting. The emails in the post above are for people who can give you more information.


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