Brockton Park Monitor Service

The Link below is a link to my booster campaign for a new service I want to start in my home city to provide other residents with piece of mind that their child(ren) will be safe at the park/playground when they take them to one. I want to start this up because of an incident that happened a one park where a young man lost his life in a large fight that happened at the park over a what people say was a basketball game or something like that there are so many different stories as to what started the fight, but what is confirmed is that someone died as a result of that fight to a stab wound. The service I want to start is mainly a volunteer service where members of the community volunteer to walk around the part and break up fights or stop them from fighting before the fists start to fly in the first place. I know I started this blog to talk about gender related issues, but this is something I really care about as I want my city’s parks to be a safe place for the community to be able to gather at and meet their neighbors. Back when I was a kid I remember the parks always having events going on at them, but now most of them are just empty and filled with gangs or people looking to cause trouble for everyone else. The service itself would help the Police department by trying to deescalate a sitution so the cops don’t have to be called out to the park unless the sitution really calls for it and police assistance is needed then the volunteers main goal would be to keep other people at the park safe by keep the sitution under control until they arrive to deal with it as a police matter. Each volunteer would get a small ID badge with their name and a number printed on it so if someone wants to report them for doing a good or bad job then they would know their name and the volunteer can be dealt with if it’s a bad report, but if it’s a report that says they went above and beyond what they were suppose to do then they would get a commendation for the good work they did. The service would be a privately fund through donations from the public and the city would be able to send funds to the service if the City Council votes to do so, but only then would funds come from the city. To learn more click the link below.


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