Caitlyn Jenner’s Political Views

So on Caitlyn’s new Reality Show “I Am Cait” she showed her conservative political views and one of her friends had a problem with it and I can see why they would as most Republicans are very religious to the point where they think that being gay is a sin and being transgender is a mental disorder that can be cured. People are now looking down on her as if she did something wrong when that’s not the case if she’s a republican then so be it I’m a Libertarian and I believe that if someone does something good/bad then they should accept personal responsibly and own up to it as it should be in this country. We’ve  become accustom to always having someone to help us now helping people isn’t a bad thing, but there is a point to giving someone a hand-out and what I like to call a hand-up. Hand-outs make people dependent on the system while hand-ups provide a way for them to get back on their own feet and start providing for themselves and their families on their own. So in conclusion so what if Caitlyn Jenner is a conservative everyone has a right to hold whatever views they agree with that is what makes the United States great because in this country we can hold whatever views and opinions that fit into our lives without fear of being arrested for them or being judged because of them. When we can get to a point in this country where we can truly be ourselves then we can truly be free.


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