A Safe Space for LGBTQ+ with someone to talk to

My life has been one that has many ups & downs, but I have managed to work through them on my own because I don’t like having to rely on anyone else to help me because every time I ask someone for help they always want something in return. That’s how it always is with some people they can only help you when you can give them something or they just use you to make themselves feel better. There will come a day when they need help and there is no one around to help them. I want to offer my services on this blog to anyone from the LGBTQ+ community to say that if they want to talk I’ll listen and give advice when I can or I can point them in a direction or to someone that can help them, but sometimes the best way to help someone is to give them that someone who they can talk to without feel like they’re being judged or looked down on for something that may be confusing to them enough already. I want to be that person who is there day or night, whenever, or wherever. The reason I feel I need to do this is because not everyone has someone to talk to and sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger than it is to talk to someone you know. If you do talk to me you can be assured that I won’t tell anyone about what you tell me. If you live in the same city as I do or on the commuter rail line to or from Boston, Massachusetts I will even meet you to talk with you in person. If you’re a parent reading this and you want me to talk with your child let me know and I will. I will not charge a fee, but if you want to pay me you can it will be your choice to do so. This would help me in starting a community center for LGBTQ+ youth called “Safe Space” where they can come and meet other youth like themselves and make friends that will last a lifetime. At Safe Space I will have group talks that will be recorded and uploaded to my YouTube Channel, but these group talks will be optional as not all people want to share their story online or have people know their business. This could be a great thing for me and anyone that needs support.


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