Short Stories Coming to Gender Normal

Over the course of this blog I will release short stories that are written in the first person, but are fictional stories with real themes based on LGBTQ+ issues. I don’t think they will be popular as I will write them and not hold back on the use of “derogatory terms” used against LGBTQ+ people. The stories main characters will be LGBTQ+ youth around the ages of 6-17 maybe older if I can think of a plot that requires them to be 18+. If I have a story I think isn’t suitable for anyone under 18 I will state so in the Blog title. Each of the short stories on the blog will have the same title with a number after it. The first one will be “Short Story #1” if a story has adult themes I will add “[18+]”  at the end of the blog title. Not that it will stop anyone from reading it who isn’t 18+ it will just be a warning that it has adult themes in it and that they can continue at their own risk. The stories may end good and they may end bad as not all stories have “happy endings” to them. The purpose of the stories is to allow them to connect with the reader on a personal level and maybe reach out to them and help them deal with a problem in their life that may be similar to the problem in the story. Sometimes the fiction can help people solve problems in the real world. The reason I want to write them in the first person is because I want them to feel like the main character is telling you their story and allow you to see through their eyes what they’re going through. I will be touching on the issue of rape with both male and female characters as the victims of the sexual attack to show people that not just women can be victims of sexual assault, but males can be too. The stories will not borrow from my life, because if they did they would be boring as nothing really happens in my life as I to keep to myself. These stories will be under a fair use clause as long as whomever uses them attributes them back to me and this blog with a link to it. If I see a TV show or some other form of media use a theme from my stories without attributing them back to the blog I will seek legal action against them. That goes for anything else posted on this blog every post well except for the re-blogged posts as those would be the property of their original author which most are linked back to their blog so attribution has been noted. The stories are what I care most about as I will be putting time into writing them and I don’t want that time wasted because someone else can claim them as their own. I also will sometimes have short videos of that will be stories as well and will also be fictional they will just be in video form not written out. The Short story videos will be a web series that all link together and be called “Gender Normal” and will be done in 12 episode seasons, but that will come later as I would have to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project as it will take a lot of money to film and produce as I am a perfectionist when it comes to things like that the filming locations will be mostly indoors with few outdoors location as those are harder to procure and lock down for a set date and sometimes because of weather or other factors can delay the filming of a show or movie. I will also take suggestions for stories as well as long as they are structurally sound and make sense as they should fit into the narrative of the blog. There will be some stories that link together and there will be some that are two part stories. Sometimes the stories will be turned into short videos if they’re popular enough and people want to see them unfold without have to read them. I will save each story to my computer and have them published into a book with all of the stories in there and some that weren’t posted on the blog will also be in the book.


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