Why I sometime wear “women’s clothes

I found something that I would wear out side it’s in the “Women’s Section” on an online shopping site and it looks really good I have the product page bookmarked on my browser so when I have money I can buy it. The reason I look in the women’s section is because men’s clothes don’t fit me right a lot of the time and it’s hard for me to shop for clothes. I have the most feminine body type you could imagine and I’m naturally skinny so I get people telling that I “need to eat more” or I get them asking me if I eat. Every time I change my doctor they think I’m anorexic, but when they read through my medical history it says that I’m “Failure to Thrive” which means that I don’t gain wight even if I over eat. I like the fact that I’m naturally skinny because I don’t have to worry about all the health problems of obese people not that all fat people are unhealthy. The downside of being naturally skinny is the fact that I get cold before everyone else and that every chair is the most uncomfortable thing in the world. The fact that this world has people thinking that men have to be these buff guys to look good and women have to be skinny to look good is shameful. We all should be proud of the body we have been born with and accept that everyone looks different.

Also here is the link to the outfit I found online…

Blue Skinny Denim Overalls


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