Web Show Idea

I posted earlier that I wanted to film a fictional web series called “Gender Normal”, well I want to take the time now to explain that a little more in detail. The show will focus on one character who’s father is in the US military and moves around a lot because he would have to go where the US Military sends him, he would be accepting of his son throughout the course of the series. The father will not be seen as much because the show will mainly about his son who will be a “Transgender Girl” and likes the fact that every new place they move to he(she) can just say “I’m a Girl” and because no one knows him(her) they just go with each season will be set in a different location as because at the end of each season the father will get “PCS’d” to a new location. The season will start off with them moving into their new home and over the course of the season the son(Main Character) will meet another person who is LGBTQ+ and the main character’s openness will cause that character to be more open as well as accepting of them self. The whole series will have a cast that is connected to one another, because I want to choose a young actors to play the roles of all of the people the main character meets and have them grow with the show and then when they’re all collage age I will have them meet up again and the show will predominantly feature them as they are the title characters of the show. If this post get a lot of feedback many different people then I will start looking for actors early, but as of right now I want to focus on starting a program for my home city of Brockton, Massachusetts that I think will make the playgrounds in the city safer. When I do start looking for a cast for this web series I will create a Kickstarter and one of the perks to donating a high amount is that you would get a recurring role on the show, but mostly anyone who donates would get their name listed in the credits at the end of each episode. I will use product placement in the show as a means of funding it, but as I don’t like product placement much I will not have 30+ different companies logos plastered all over each set I will be more discrete and just have them holding a can of coke or pepsi. I want most of the funding to come from the fans of the show not product placement.


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