Safe Space Logo and what it is

Safe Space LogodownloadSafe Space Logo

I made a Logo for Safe Space which will be an LGBTQ+ youth program and community center where LGBTQ+ youth can come and be themselves without fear of judgement from others the center will have councilors and other LGBTQ+ advisers will be there to provide information and help to those in need of it. The center will also have mentors that are around their age I will also host group meetings as a way to allow them to talk about thing that are going on in their lives as that will also be a way for them to find other youth who may be going through what they’re going through and they could provide help. The center will not be aimed just at LGBTQ+ youth it will also have services for adults who need help or counseling or other services. The center will also provide a assistance with homeless LGBTQ+ youth who are kicked out of their homes by their parents or caretakers, but the main goal of that aspect of the center will be to educate the parents or caretakers so they will see that their child is normal and welcome them back with open arms and an open mind. The center will also plan LGBTQ events like Pride Parades and other LGBTQ related events that would help bring knowledge about the LGBTQ lifestyle. I also want the center to help in advocating in favor of “same-sex adoptions” if they were turned down because of their sexuality or gender identity this aspect would tie into the LGBTQ youth homeless program where if their parents don’t take them back in the center would find them a home with a couple looking to adopt a child unless the child is 17 in which case they will be housed in a Safe Space house with other LGBTQ youth who have been kicked out of their homes until they turn 18 and helped with finding a job and an apartment they can afford. The reason I want to do this is that even though I live in Massachusetts where in this start it’s illegal to discriminate against because of their sexuality, gender, or gender identity for an apartment, or a job. There are still bigots around and they can be hurtful to someone because they’re LGBTQ, but I want to create a space where that doesn’t happen to children, preteens, or teens. This would do the most good in the city I live in and the country as a whole and maybe even the world.  The image above is the logo for Safe Space let me know in the comments if you like it or not.


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