For the Boys and Girls who are falling for their Friends

There is always that moment when you have a friend of the opposite sex or the same sex and they start to fall in love with them. The price for this is sometimes a loss of friendship or they admit that they feel the same way about you and sometimes it works out for the best and both people are happy with each other. The reason I’m posting this is because I have a female friend who I’m falling for I think she feels the same way about me, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship if she doesn’t. Things like this ruin friendships we both flirt with each other, but it’s nothing more than playful flirting and that’s all and I’m fine with that as it fun and makes us both feel good when we do it these things are what make our friendship fun and unique. Most people when they see us together think we’re a couple anyways and we just don’t say otherwise if we are or not. The point of this is to let others know that it’s normal to have feelings for your friends sometimes it’s because you hangout so much that feelings arise sometimes they’re real and sometimes it a product of just knowing a person so well that you become in tune with them on an emotional level where you know what can make them smile when their feeling down. That can’t be helped, but if the feelings are real between friends then how do you bring it up with without ruining the friendship you both built over the years. Well there are several ways to bring it the first being to be straight forward and asking them directly and the other way I would prefer is to ask them, but let them know that if they don’t feel the same way it won’t be brought up again unless they bring it up again at a later time. There are other ways, but I don’t like them much as the friendship would end as a result and no one would want that. I will eventually tell my friend, but it will take time as I’m testing the waters as to how far I can take our playful flirting and so far it seems she feels the same way, but she just as shy as I am. I haven’t been able to hang around with her much, but we talk on Facebook. I haven’t named her because I am respecting her privacy and I know she wouldn’t like that. I have found couple of songs that are really good the are sung by a YouTube Artist named Chester his information is below on where you can find him.

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