SEX (Post Op Transgender)

Found this amazing video online of a Post-OP Transgender women who is talking about sex after SRS. I will link to the video and credit her as it’s very informative and I think it should be around more available to the Transgender community if she asks me to take it down I will, but I will be as respectful as possible as I’m posting this. So to anyone who comments please don’t ask me questions about this topic as I don’t know much about as I said in an earlier post I don’t want to have SRS to change my gender to match how I feel inside because of my religious beliefs maybe some time in the future I will rethink about surgery, but as for right now I don’t want to have surgery at the moment.

(Video Description)

We all know my makeup is a little wonky in this video. Girl, I am sick as can be.
You might not tell but I’ve edited out the coughs and sneezes. Forgive me that I
didn’t apply my makeup correctly. Oh well, I am only human.

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