Sometimes parents just don’t understand.

I want to take the time to talk about coming out to your parents which is something I think is very important to do. Just sometimes they don’t seem to understand what it is you’re going through. I remember when I told my mother I was bisexual she thought it was because she “babied” as I was the youngest at the time aside from my baby brother, but I let her know that wasn’t the case and that I had always had those feelings even when I was a kid. I was 16 when I came out and my mother loves me still, but it’s not like that with everybody I was on Instagram my username for that is @gender_normal give me a follow there and another user liked one of the pictures I just posted so I decided to give his profile a look and there is a picture where he explains that he was born a girl and identifies as a boy, but his parents don’t allow him to express himself and force him to act like a girl and dress that way too he goes on to explain that he’s just waiting to finish high school and complete collage and move far away from his parents I advised that he should try and explain to his parents that who he is will not effect the way he loves or cares for them. I don’t think it worked as well I as it I planned it too, but it may have had some effect. Even if your parents “disown” you in time they will come around even if it’s on their deathbed, I hope that to any LGBTQ+ person who’s parents disowned them I hope that they see that even though they’re losing a son or a daughter they’re gaining something that is so much more then having half of a child who feels imperfect or sees a stranger every time they look in the mirror when parents let their transgender child transition it makes them feel whole and not like half of a person I promise you that it will be the best decision you made in your life, because I know you see it every time you look at your child how they feel like half of a person I say let your child become the whole person they’re meant to be. #LetTransKidsBe #Trangender


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