Short Story #2(Fictional written in 1st person)

I Want to Be…

I want to be accepted, but not because I want to be famous it’s because I want to feel loved as my family never loved me or accepted the fact that I was transgender my father was so happy when he heard that I was a boy he finally had someone to throw a ball around with. I tried to be the sports loving boy he wanted, but even as a child I knew I was different than every other boy on the team as I found myself looking at them in a sexual way and wanting to be with them. Just one day after I had gotten out of the bathtub I looked at myself in the full length mirror my parent had in the bathroom for when my mother was getting ready for one of our family nights where we would all get dressed up and go out to eat and see a movie as my father thought it would help us bond and be a tight-nit family. I liked the outings, but my sister didn’t as all she wanted to do was hang out with her friends. I remember one time I let my sister put makeup, a wig, and dress me as a girl just if our father walked in I would lie and say I was helping her with a “sewing project” she was working on and that she want to see how it would on someone and he believed it at least I think he did, but one time she did it I saw myself in the mirror and I felt complete and looked like I did in my head. I first told my sister who told me that she had a feeling about me and that she would always support me even if our parents didn’t. After talking to my sister for an hour I had to go through all of the possible outcomes of telling my parents I was mostly concerned about how my father would react, but I was going to tell him that I still liked sports because they were fun and I could change to girl’s lacrosse which was a sport he really liked. Just as my parents had got home I was still dressed as girl and I waited to call them into my sister’s room so I could tell them after which seemed like the longest minute I had ever been waiting for and I finally called them in I told them that I was girl and not a boy, but father said that because I had a penis that meant I was a boy. I told them that I didn’t feel like a boy and felt more like a girl, but that just made him mad and yell, “You’re a fucking boy end of story!”, I continued to proclaim that I was a girl and nothing he said would change that. What he said next shocked me as he told me that he wanted me to pack my stuff and get out of his house and that I was dead to him and he stormed out of my sister’s room and my mother followed him with her head down, but before she left the room she said to me that she was disappointed in me and never wanted to see me again. I was only 14 years old at the time when my parents kick me out I asked my sister if she could take me in and she said that she wanted to stay on dad’s good side, but she told me that if I needed money I could ask her and she would give me some to which she gave me $500 and told me to find a hotel to sleep in I walked to my room and my father had already packed a bag of clothes for me and told me to get out. I took the bag and walked out of the house I heard the door lock behind me and I knew that there would be no hotel that would rent me a room so I would have to settle for the sleazy motel on 5th street in order to have a bed to sleep in it was a bad neighborhood so I pushed the chair in front of the door as the windows had bars on them I had also closed the blinds so no one could look in at me. I awoke the next morning took a shower, packed, and checked out of the motel and walked around the city for awhile where I found a youth center called Safe Space so I walked inside and that’s how I got here today is my 20th birthday and that is the story of how I came to Safe Space kids I told you this because I wanted you to know that no matter how hard your life is it can get better and there is a place where you can fit in and be yourself without fear.


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