Movie Review- Blackbird(2014)


I want to take the time to review a movie I watched on Netflix called “Blackbird”. When I first saw the movie in the “Gay and Lesbian” section on Netflix I didn’t think I would like it until I read the description and it peaked my interest. The movie itself stars Mo’NiqueJulian WalkerKevin Allesee, and Isaiah Washington who make up the main cast of the movie. Julian Walker plays the protagonist who’s character is questioning his sexuality and his faith in God because of it, he does an amazing job with the role and really makes you feel the character’s pain so you feel as if you’re going through what he’s going through that in my mind makes the movie more enjoyable. Mo’Nique in my opinion should get an Oscar for this roll as her performance is spot on and you can she that her character is going through a tough time after the kidnapping of her other child when she was a baby, but the character has faith that she’ll be found and returned to her. Isaiah Washington also does a great job with his character in the movie as well as Kevin Allesee does with his role in the movie even the supporting characters in the movie are well acted and planned out. The movie itself is moving and proves that you can be religious and gay at the same time as I have said before in a past post. This movie should be a must see for all religious people out there that also happen to be LGBTQ+ it could really help them to come to terms with themselves and provide a nice point to bring up to religious bigots that God wants us to love all people as we love ourselves. I highly recommend this movie and give it 10/10.       


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