Short Story #3 (Fictional-ish)

The Princess who became a Prince

Disclaimer:  The following story is fiction even though the main is based on a Transboy I meant on Instagram whose username is @gayest.disney.king.ever the story will have some transphobic remarks, but the antagonist will come around by the end of story. The purpose of the story will be to help others and be a means of showing them that even though their parent(s) are not very accepting at first they will eventually come around and accept them it just takes time and that is something that can’t be rushed they have to come to a realizing in their own time if they’re rushed then things could end up badly and no one wants that. So just remember that “It’s always darkest before the dawn” I want this story to help even if it’s just one person.

There once was a young Princess that never really felt like a princess no matter how many times people In the Kingdom told her she was beautiful she still felt that something was wrong with her body because every time the she looked in the mirror all she saw was a handsome Prince looking back at her. At royal functions she hated the fact that she had to wear a dress and get all dolled up the only thing she liked was her crown which she had decorated with flowers from in the royal garden where she enjoyed playing with her best friend a young noble boy who sometimes lets her wear some of his clothes whenever they’re playing together then one day the Princess asked him if he wanted to sneak out, but he surprised her and asked her if he could wear one of her royal gowns and one of the princess’s servants overheard them and the Princess thought that she was going to tell the Queen. The servant closed the door to the Princess’s chamber and told them that she could sneak them out through the servant’s pathways which hidden doors that the servants used to move around the castle so the common folk couldn’t see them. The servant had a blonde wig that would be perfect for the noble boy after she helped the Princess hide her long hair with a hat so she would look like a boy at first glance whereas the Princess’s breast hadn’t fully developed yet it was easy for them to bind them back after the Princess was dressed the servant began to disguise the Noble boy as a girl  while the servant was doing that the Princess was looking at herself in the mirror and as she did so she felt complete as a whole person to which she proclaimed that while she was dressed like this you will refer to me as “Prince Aloysius”, shocked by the proclamation the servant asked, “Why that name?”, there was a short pause then Prince Aloysius said, “Because it means ‘A Warrior’, and that’s what I am a warrior.”, the servant said, “Well then I’m happy to serve you Prince Aloysius.” As she bowed down to him. The Noble boy was ready after about 30mins after and the three of them took the servant pathway to the kitchen, but not before the servant made it look as if the Princess was sleeping soundly in her bed. They made it to the servant’s housing area where they were spotted by another servant who said that if they were going to do that maybe the Princess shouldn’t wear her flower crown as everyone in the kingdom knows she is the only that has done that to her crown. The Princess didn’t want to take her flower crown off, but she know he was right so she told the male servant to place it in her chamber on the nightstand next to the bed so he did after he help her make Prince Aloysius a crown out of some old metal he had laying around to which he informed the Princess that she can’t decorate this one with flowers to which she was upset, but she understood so she thought for second and decorated it with some broken pieces of sword which she said mad it look more “manly”. The male servant called over his oldest son and had told him to act as a bodyguard for the Princess while she was out as Prince Aloysius and he was to call her as such around all of the common folk. After that the three of them left palace grounds and everything when to plan and no one recognized her and most of the adults were calling her sir instead of ma’am that day she was the happiest she had ever been, but she had to get back before dark so the three of them went back just on the way a gang of thieves tried to mug them, but the servant’s son had drew his sword and stood between them and when one lunged forward the servant’s son parried it and knocked him backwards to which the other’s saw that the foreign Prince was well protected and ran off, but the royal guards saw them and came over with their weapons drawn asking him to sheath his sword to which he did after doing so he turned around asked Prince Aloysius if he was all right he just nodded “yes” when the royal guards saw the fake crown they thought it was real and sheathed their swords and bowed down to him and asked them if there was anything they could do, but all the servant’s son asked them to do was to move so they could leave to which they did after about 30mins of walking they made it back to palace grounds servant entrance where they snuck in where they were lead back to the Princess’s chamber in a hurry as the guards had told the Queen of a Prince that was walking around the kingdom they made it back to the Princess’s Chamber and she got undressed fast, but she had to put on her nightgown which was quick to slip over her head and she claimed into bed and the servant went to the servant passage left just before the Queen came in to “wake” the Princess up to which she had to act as if she had just woken up the Noble boy had undressed in the servant’s housing area and was already on sitting in the royal garden waiting for his father to finish talking to the Queen. The Queen told the Princess of Prince Aloysius she had also told her that she had the royal guards that first meant him looking for him if and if he were to return the female servant was listening and she ran to tell the other servant that he couldn’t introduce his oldest son to the Queen as the queen had ordered them to look for the mystery Prince and his royal guard so the male servant’s oldest son stayed hidden until the Princess wanted to walk around the kingdom as Prince Aloysius again, but that didn’t happen until a few weeks letter. The princess had what she called one of the saddest weeks in her life because there were royal functions all week and she had to where seven different dresses all of which she hated except for one which had flowers on it and wasn’t as big as the others. There wasn’t anything the royal court had planned for the weekend so she decided that all weekend she would pose as Prince Aloysius to which the male servant’s oldest son’s wife was asked to book a room at the inn for them to use and she did. The Princess asked her mother the Queen if she could spend the weekend alone at the royal estate and requested that the female servant come and help her as well as her Ladies in waiting which when she got to the royal estate she told them of her plan, but the princess also had to tell the guards that were there to protect the estate and her while she was there she had them sworn to secrecy that they would tell no one and they honored the princess’s request with their lives. The princess had also told them that while she was dressed as a Prince they would refer to her as Prince Aloysius and as if she were male and everyone at the estate agreed to do so after which she dressed a Prince Aloysius and they all treated her as a male the whole time she was dressed as the Prince, then she wanted to go walk around the city again as Prince Aloysius the female servant had advised her not to, but she wanted to so the male servant’s oldest son had said that he would make sure that Prince Aloysius wasn’t found so he asked a couple of the guards if there was another carriage they could use for Prince Aloysius and they said that they knew where he could procure one and told him where to find it so he went off and brought it back to the estate it wasn’t the best looking carriage, but because it wasn’t from the kingdom it would have to do they hooked up some horses to it and dressed the horse keepers as the drivers for the carriage. They decorated the carriage with broken pieces of swords and some flowers to make it look more royal after it was finished they had four of the Estate guards change into armor that had a different which was a flower with two swords crossed through it. They then loaded up the carriage and to off the Princess’s ladies in waiting wanted to go as well and the Princess told them that they would have to dress as males they agreed to do so and then got in the carriage and went to the capital city which for the first two days went smoothly, but on Sunday the male servant’s oldest son made a mistake and the royal guards found them and asked him to bring his Prince to the palace because the Queen wanted to see him. As he knew that if a royal summoned someone they had to show up so he went back to the INN and told Prince Aloysius that the Queen wanted to see him, now the Princess was posing as Prince Aloysius and knew that once she talked to the Queen her mother would recognize her voice and know it was her and she would be pissed so they went to the palace to “meet” the Queen when they got there they acted as if nothing was wrong and it was just a state visit the Queen said that she had a daughter his age and that she wanted him to be promised to her and just as the male servant’s oldest son was about to speak the king told him to let his Prince speak and when Prince Aloysius did the Queen recognized her voice and asked for the crown to come off as well as the hats of the two other boys to come off and it was realized that the three of them were girls one of them the Princess of the kingdom the news travelled fast all over the kingdom. The King and Queen ordered the court cleared and once it was the King flew into a rage and said he should have the Princess locked up and never able to hold the throne of the Kingdom ever while the Queen was just sitting there asking the King to go easy on her. After a couple of minutes the Princess spoke up and said that during her time as Prince Aloysius she was happy and felt complete as a whole person. She had also liked who she saw in the mirror and that she didn’t care if she never in took the throne of the Kingdom after she said that the Queen whispered in the King’s ear asking him to give the Princess the Royal estate to rule as a separate and independent nation so she could be Prince Aloysius full time, the queen’s plan was that maybe it was a phase and she thought that if she allowed the Princess to spend some time as a “Prince” she would come back. The King like the idea and signed the Royal estate over to the Princess, but in doing so all guards and servants at the estate become her subjects after which she put the Prince Aloysius crown back on and they all got back into the carriage and went back to the Royal Estate where she issued her first proclamation as the estate was 9000km (5592.34mi) and had three farms the Prince had also ordered a border wall to be built around the new Principality after it was completed some of the people who lived on the grounds of the estate were now living in a different country when they took a grievance to the King and Queen they were told to go to the royal estate and tell it to Prince Aloysius so they did and every person that did so got their grievance resolved and more people started moving to the area which Prince Aloysius allowed them to. The Queen was getting worried as the Princess wasn’t asking to come back to the kingdom so the Queen payed a visit to the Princess and after talking to her the Queen knew that she no longer had a daughter, but in fact gained a son and plus the estate grew so much that it was basically its’ own country so the Queen told the Prince that the only way he be able to return is if he was to go back to being a girl and give up on this course of action to which he said that it wasn’t stunt it was who he was. This would go on for several months, but still the Prince didn’t want to go back to being a girl and told them that there is no way you can retake this area without going to war. The former ladies in waiting were now the Prince’s key advisors and were giving the Prince sound advice on what to do with the new country which would gain full independence when the Prince reached the age of 18 which was in five years. The prince was happy that at royal functions he could wear a suit instead of a dress the flower and cross swords crest became official for the principality and was made into a flag and flown over the main house of the estate, the people who now lived within its’ borders were happy and willing to defend the area just to remain independent. The King was always trying to find a way to take back the area without sending in the knights of his kingdom as he knew that the people who now live on the area would defend it with their lives, while the Queen just kept tell the King to forget about it and just let it become independent in five years he wasn’t having it as he was agreeing with the Pope and saying having that “thing” ruling a country that was right beside them would spell the end of this kingdom. The Queen just kept pleading for him to focus on other countries to the north because the estate was to the south and most of the countries to the south were peaceful with the Kingdom. The Prince had been working on building a fence around the main house of the estate to protect him from raiders which would have the front gate open at all times unless the country was under attack the people understood and thanked the prince for all he was doing for them. Five years have pasted and the principality is still running strong under Prince Aloysius and there is a stable peace between them and their former kingdom the estate guards had been training any of the subjects that wanted to help defend the country in the event of an attack which so far was only bandit groups.  The Prince remained happy and the Noble boy had join them as he was 18 and the two wed with the Noble boy wearing the dress and Prince wearing a nice suit, the Prince’s old princess crown was given to the Noble boy who would live his life as a female and go by the name Princess Carman. The parents of Princess Carman had moved to the principality and were using their money to help with the running of the country, while Prince Aloysius’s parents were just treating him as just another ruler from time to time the Queen would visit which at first she kept calling the Prince she and a Princess, but over time she got better and called him a boy and used he/him pronouns and made no mistakes and she told the Prince that the King had told the Kingdom that the Princess was dead, but the subjects of the Kingdom know about you over here and they like you we had a child a little boy who will grow up to be the next king and I’ll try to come by more often, but the king doesn’t want me around you as he thinks it will be bad for the kingdom I know better and I still love you said the Queen to Prince Aloysius which brought a tear to his eye and he hugged his mother before allowing her to return to the Kingdom. The Prince was happy and the king after five months finally told the Prince he loved him for who he was.


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