Let kids explore their world

A web search for Halloween costumes of scientists produces only boys wearing lab coats and goggles. A search for nursing costumes turns up girls in skirts with stethoscopes. Cats and cupcakes are also girls, while sharks and astronauts are boys….READ MORE AT THE LINK BELOW

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I completely agree with everything in the article not just toys are labelled by gender, but everything that children touch is gendered if your child is a boy and he wants to play with dolls let him and if your child is a girl and she wants to play with trucks let her it’s not going to hurt them or turn them into homosexuals and even if they are it doesn’t matter because the best thing you can do is support your child no matter what they do as long as it’s nothing illegal and harmful to others. I remember when I was younger I played with Barbies, house, dress-up kits, and other things that was marketed to girls and I turned out just fine, but I always thought I was meant to be born a girl anyways so I didn’t care. Children need to be free to explore what they want because it will help them grow and become better adults, but that doesn’t mean spoil them it means let kids be kids while they can because when they get older it’ll make them more mature.


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