About Winter and Christmas

There are things I hate about winter in Massachusetts and there are things I like about it. So lets start with the things I like about a Massachusetts winter which are as it gets colder it allows you to have an excuse to get closer to the one you love and one of the reasons I like winter is I can wear tights without anyone thinking it’s weird because “tights are for girls”. I think this time around I going to buy me a nice pair of boots from the women’s section at the shoe store they won’t be pink or purple as I don’t think those colors look good on me, I’m more of a dark color type of person as it’s easier to wash clothes when you don’t have to separate them between light and dark colors. The things I hate about winter in Massachusetts is that some days it’s not as cold so you dress lightly and then the temp drops and you’re freezing your ass off and the snow is worse as a kid I could wait for it to snow, but now I don’t like snow. The weather in Massachusetts is weird to say the least because sometimes it feel as if we experience all four seasons over the frame of one week going by. While winter may be a time of cold weather it’s also Christmas which isn’t about presents or Santa or any of the other Christmas themes we’ve all come to know it is really about togetherness and being with family so even if you don’t get anything remember that as long as you have family you have everything you will ever need.


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