An interesting Psychology Today Article

Psychology Today Article

The link above is to an article by Dr. Gregory L. Jantz PhD. He makes an interesting point that the brain is wired differently for males and females which can validate transgender people including transgender children because sometimes biological gender doesn’t match up with psychological gender in simple terms the brain doesn’t match the body. The transgender activist Jazz Jennings said when she was younger that “She has a girl brain and a boy body”, which could be said about every transgender person because there are still things we don’t understand about the human brain that scientists haven’t researched yet. So to the people who don’t understand why a boy or girl would say they’re the opposite gender when they have a penis or a vagina people think that should be “proof enough” that they’re either male or female, but I think they wish it were that simple to be able to look in the mirror and just by seeing the genitals you were born with that it should settle the issue for them it’s just not that simple. The brain is a complicated organism that we don’t fully understand yet and probably never will because it’s always evolving and adapting to new things which when the human race develops the ability to travel throughout space it’s our “adaptability” that will help us survive against new threats. Enough about syfi lets get back to the topic of the brain and gender which when they’re connected the person can focus on other things besides the fact that their body is right and feeling depressed about the way they look because their biological gender doesn’t match their psychological gender which can lead to other mental health problems as well. Just support transgender people who are in transition or thinking about transitioning which the process in itself is a long and sometimes lonely journey because transgender youth are sometimes kicked out of their homes because they’re transgender and don’t have contact with their families so they don’t have a support sector or anyone to talk to another reason why I started this blog was to provide a source of support for them and why I have my email address on the website so if they want to talk they can email me and I will talk to them. The perfect thing would be for everyone to have good brain & body connection so they’re happy and like what they see in the mirror.


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