Live Webcast Plan

I have a livestream account which is a site that allows everyday people to broadcast live on the web and have viewers be able to watch the stream on their mobile devices from phones and tablets they also allow app streaming which is allowing a content creator embed their stream inside an app on the android or iOS. The reason for me getting this was at one time to host a live news webcast, but then I decided that I would be better off at hosting a weekly program where I talk about one topic and take questions and calls from viewers live on-air I have to set up a call line for that to happen, but I may not take live calls I will also do interviews on the subject I’m talking about that week as each subject will be well researched and I will take notes which will be written down on cue cards that I can refer to if I get lost or start to ramble off-topic. The web show will be an open discussion on the topic at hand any other question(s) will be noted and written down for a if the topic ever comes up. As of right now the topic will be gender in general which will mean everything about gender will be discussed in a respectful way so everyone gets a chance to be heard. I haven’t decided how long the show will be, but as of right now I want it to be at least one hour long so I’ll have time to get a good amount of information out and take a good amount of questions from viewers and give them an answer that satisfies them. The point of the webcast will be to provide information and a platform for LGBTQ+ programming as I will have pre-recorded shows made by different people to air whenever I’m not live if Livestream still allows that feature if not then I will post those on my YouTube Channel for all to enjoy for free.


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