Cutting….what it’s about and what can be done

To start off I’m just going to state that I’m not an expert on the subject at all so don’t take my word as fact while I may get somethings right I may get somethings wrong. 

Most people think that when someone cuts it about trying to commit suicide, but that is wrong mostly it’s about control as they see their life isn’t in their control so they cut themselves as the pain is the only thing they can control fully and it gives them that since of control that they’re looking for. Sometimes mental health professionals get it wrong and label someone as suicidal when that may be far from the truth as most times it’s a call for help and most times parents get the message too late as some teens run away and some they end up cutting too deep and then it’s over for them. The fact that cutting is looked at in the wrong way is part of the problem I know I started this blog about gender, but this is something that happens in the LGBTQ+ community especially with LGBTQ+ youth something that I want to help shed light on so they know that there is help out there and hopefully this post helps people see that cutting isn’t always about suicide it’s mostly about “regaining control” I want people who cut to see that cutting isn’t a way to get any kind of control back in your life. The first step is to speak up and ask for help from someone you trust and if there is no one you trust then you can always contact me on twitter, facebook, Instagram, vine, or by emailing me at just put in the subject line “Urgent Please Help” and I will talk to you over email and if it’s really important I will give you my personal phone number as I want to help I will listen to you and offer advice when I can or I will do some work and find someone who can help you. The point is to get to a point where no one cuts themselves for any reason we as a people need to make it so if someone is having a problem in their life they’re not ashamed to ask for help for fear of being deemed “crazy” because it’s not crazy to feel as if you’re not in control of your life we all have days like that and together we can get through them. Cutting isn’t the way to get what you want or to get help while you may not like it you have to use your voice and ask for help. The point is to have faith and to realize that you can’t control everything no matter how hard you try sometimes it’s best to just to let go and let fate take the wheel and drive to a point where you can take over and live your life the way you’re supposed to.


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