Life Without Money

The little bit of money I get from the State for disability didn’t come yet it’s supposed to be there I returned everything they sent me and there is nothing there and conservatives call anyone getting money from the government “freeloaders” as if they want this it’s a pain in the ass when we have to jump through more hoops than a circus animal, but a multi-billion dollar corporation gets assistance right off the bat in the sum of sometimes $2.5 billion dollars and the public assistance for others is just $300 a month that is given every two weeks at $150 for the first week and then $150 for the next week it like what the fuck I’m I supposed to do with this. Then conservatives say that people on government assistance should find a job as if it easy when most have young children and can’t afford child care and many don’t “qualify” for the government funded child because they’re not working it’s like no shit they’re not working because they don’t have anyone to watch their children while they work.
Then you have the people work asking for the minimum wage to be raised which only makes it so that jobs like McDonald’s only hire people with more than a High School Diploma because they have to pay more so the job market becomes overcrowded with people that have more than a HSD and the people who don’t have more than a HSD or don’t have an HSD at all are left with no where to work that’s why I’m against the raising of the minimum wage to $15 an hour because the jobs like McDonald’s are not there to support a family they are there to build work experience and to help those who don’t have a HSD to be able to better themselves. There have been times when I was denied a job because I didn’t have enough experience and I told them that I needed a job to gain experience for the future, but because they have to pay so much in minimum wage they what people with experience to fill the positions I don’t have experience, but I do have a trade in food service so I do know what I’m doing I have a ServSafe it took me two years to get, but I got it and it’s not enough then you hear about fires at McDonald’s and Burger King because they hired someone who doesn’t know how to operate the equipment or clean it properly because they had “work experience” I hear that all the time that a ServSafe isn’t enough or the same as work experience and when I tell them I was in the Job Corps program to get it still doesn’t count even though I had the “Work Base Training” which is the Job Corps center sends out student to work in a place related to their trade to get experience in that trade in a real world setting, but still it’s not enough as they don’t see it as “work” like what do they think we’re just standing around watching them work no we’re working allow side them with them showing us what to do and watching us as we do it to report back to the instructor our progress. Now I have no source of income because I don’t get anything anymore from the government and I don’t have enough experience to get a job apparently even though I have training in food service and I have a cell phone bill that is due tomorrow and no way to pay it and all of my projects that would make me some money are losing interest with people so they don’t want to hear about them even though it would help them as well in making the city safer something that they want in Brockton as they keep begging the Mayor to do so and they want a place where kids and teens can hangout so they’re not out running the streets and causing trouble for other people which is what Safe Space would provide and still they don’t want to help it get started sometimes I hate this city as everyone complains and then no one wants to do anything or support someone when they do have an idea to make the city better if I had the money I’d move to a different state or to a small town somewhere in the midwest or Montana to work on a ranch with horses as I like horses, but I don’t have the money to move or even really want to I love my city which is why I want to help it become safer as in doing that it would bring in jobs for the city because they city is safer and they don’t have to worry about getting robbed. My life is full of broken promises and dreams.


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