How Do People See You?

Which is the title of an article I just read in the December 2015 issue of Psychology Today which was about first impressions and they’re not just about what you see or hear from a person, but also can be affected by the environment around us for example lets say you’re meeting someone you want to date bring them a cup of hot coffee or tea if they don’t drink coffee, because the warmth of the cup will have them perceive you as trustworthy. I didn’t know that the environment played a factor in our perception of others when meeting them for the first time now that I do I’ll try and meet people in areas where it promotes good feelings which in turn should make it easier for me to open up to people. The fact that the world has young people thinking that first impressions are everything is wrong because according to the article they play a part, but to change yourself just to make a good first impression isn’t the right way to do things, that’s not me saying people should forget about first impressions it me saying that people should automatically write someone off because they gave the wrong impression upon first meeting. Which goes for job interviews as well because of the fact that most people are nervous when going to an interview the job in which your applying for should conduct three to four interviews as one isn’t enough to get an accurate read on a person that is applying for the job three or four would be sufficient enough to see who a person really is. The same goes for transgender people as well just because a person doesn’t look like a “typical  transgender” person doesn’t mean that they aren’t transgender. The current state of first impressions is that if you can make a good then everything will be laid out for you then when your first impression fails and people see you for who you really are what then because the article states that it even goes for finding a mate. When you look for a mate or partner or whatever the first you WILL notice is looks or how attractive they are and you’re predisposed to being attracted to someone who’s face matches yours’ in some way so if you have a more rounded face then you’ll be more attracted to people with a rounded face and vice versa, but looks fade so take the time to get to know a person and let a relationship develop over time instead of just gravitating to the first “sexy person” you see as relationships that started where the couple started as friends tend to last longer than those that are based on looks alone. If you want to read to article for yourself click the link below and give it a read.

The 10-Second Take– Psychology Today Article(A Must Read)

If you’re wondering why I subscribed to receive the Psychology Today magazine it’s because I want to study psychology mostly child psychology so I can better help children who are struggling with their gender identity or sexuality. The reason I want to study child psychology is because I love children and want to help them even if it’s just giving them someone to talk to because sometimes doing just that can make a big difference in a child’s life. The saying “Children are our Future” is true on so many levels, but we are losing LGBTQ+ children from suicide because of how I term it “Aggressive Bullying” and I want to do anything I can to help even if it’s just talking to kids. Will post something on bullying soon just it’s something I want to research first and give my detailed opinion on.


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