Marry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

This is about the shift from people saying Marry Christmas to Happy Holidays just because there are some people who don’t celebrate Christmas and it’s somehow offensive to say Marry Christmas around them. I don’t see how it is offensive if you don’t celebrate Christmas then just say “You Too” because when someone wishes you a Marry Christmas all they’re saying is Happy Christmas which Marry is another word for. This thing with being Politically Correct all the time is dumb and needs to stop because you can’t please everyone. The real thing to do when you offend someone is to apologize and then get over it. To the people who are easily offended by almost everything you’ll need to get over yourselves because not everyone in the world thinks like you sure you make find like minded people with the internet and all, but there are over 700 billion people living on this planet so that means there are different ideologies across the spectrum. Even if we get to a point where Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays are used interchangeably and in some places across the United States they are it would be nice to have it happen in all 50 states.

The other think I want to talk about is people getting upset that Starbucks isn’t doing the whole Red Cups during the Christmas season, I don’t care what they put the coffee in as long as they make it right. It’s the business’s right to serve their product however they see fit to serve it just go in make your order pay and leave what kind of cup they use isn’t going to make Starbucks Coffee taste any better I’ll stick with Dunkin Donuts for my coffee needs.

That said Marry Christmas to all and I hope everyone has the best holiday ever and if you don’t celebrate Christmas then Happy Holidays.


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