Biphobia in the LGBT Community

I read an interesting article on the Daily Beast’s website about how bisexuals feel discrimination from people inside the LGBT community as well as from people outside if the community while it is more prevalent from heterosexuals than it is from homosexuals it’s still there. It’s from how people perceive bisexuals as people who have multiple partners or are more likely to cheat on their current partner or the fact that most people think that bisexuals are just confused and don’t know if they’re gay or straight yet all of those are untrue while I will admit there may be some exceptions to them, it isn’t good to generalize an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. The fact that bisexuals face discrimination from inside a community that they supposedly belong to isn’t right and should stop that not saying that every gay or lesbian is like that, but to the ones who think that there are only homosexual and heterosexual options when it comes to relationships then it needs to stop because sticking your head in the ground and ignoring bisexuality and the countless other sexualities isn’t helping the LGBT Community grow. As a bisexual man I find this deeply disturbing because according to the article it say there are more people who identify as bisexual who are “in the closet” because of the biphobia that is going on with the LGBT Community a place where they’re supposed to be accepted and welcomed with open arms. I would like any bisexual youth or person to come out and be open about their sexuality and explain that it’s not about you being confused or wanting to have multiple partners and that you’ll cheat on your partner. It’s time that we stand up and show the world that we’re not greedy, confused, cheaters, or people who have lots of sex. This is our chance to show that we’re here and we deserve the same level of respect within the LGBT Community as gays and lesbians are getting.  Take to social media like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace(if you still use it), Tumblr, Reddit, and any other social media website out there to get the word out about us and who we are.

The Article that inspired this.


2 thoughts on “Biphobia in the LGBT Community

  1. I had a discussion around this topic recently, I find that bi people tend to be marginalised a lot, almost not taken seriously. Which is very sad and I feel that it is a cause that must take momentum to put right the imbalance.

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    • it’s different for Bisexual people based on weather they’re a man or a woman as with men people say they’re just gay, but not “Fully Out” yet and for women apparently they’re doing it for attention from men

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