Shameless Promotion of

There is a great site I found that geared at parents with young girls aged 4-14 where parents make a profile for their child and they send out a box of clothes where you can have your child try on the clothes at home and keep whatever they like and send what they don’t like free of charge while paying for anything you kept. There is a 30% discount if you keep everything that was sent to you, but that’s optional. The site is called Kidpik and I think it’s a great idea as many children can be picky which makes it hard to shop for them. Check out the site here. I recommend it for all parents, I just wish they had a young boy’s option as it would expand their business. Transgender children could benefit from this as well. Even gender non-conforming children. The fact that everything is “gendered” and curtain things are labelled as either “girl’s” or “boy’s” is dumb and really limits children on what they can do with their lives as they get older.


The Website again is….


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