I Don’t Get It/ Teen Slang

SO on my social media accounts mostly Vine and Instagram I have a lot of teenage followers and some of them refer to themselves as “Trash”. Now I’m not that old, but I don’t get it why refer to yourself as trash in any kind of way it doesn’t show that you think very highly of yourself to someone who doesn’t understand the Teen meaning of the term. When I hear or read in someone’s description that they’re trash I get the impression that they’re worthless and don’t matter. If a young person reads this could you please comment and tell me and everyone else what the hell it’s about. There are a lot of other new slang terms I don’t get either and it makes me feel older than I really am. I’m only 28 and every time I hear some of the slang terms they have come up with it makes me feel really old. I would like to add that using trash in a way to refer to something good while the word gay is still used to refer to something bad, and every time I hear the saying “That’s so Gay” every time someone thinks something is bad it kills me a little inside. That is something that needs to stop my younger brother uses the phase and every time he does I use his name to refer to something bad he doesn’t like it so I told him I’ll stop when he stops using the phase “That’s so gay” so far it’s working he doesn’t say that around me anymore. That is what I think the LGBTQ+ community should start doing because people won’t like it when their name is used to refer to something bad every time and hopefully they’ll stop using Gay when they refer to something bad. I’m not going to lie when I was in school and I wasn’t out yet I would say “that’s so gay” whenever I refer to something bad now I don’t use it anymore because I can see how hurtful it is to a lot of people. So we need to express to people that using the word Gay as having a negative meaning and it should stop being used that way as the word itself really means “a happy or cheerful”.

The Full Definition of the word Gay:
a : happily excited : merry
b : keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits
a : bright, lively
b : brilliant in color
: given to social pleasures; also : licentious
a : homosexual
b : of, relating to, or used by homosexuals

gay adverb


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