The New Gender Binary

This needs to be read by more people because it’s become a real problem within the LGBTQIA+ community where some Transgender people try to police others about pronouns while telling people to respect their pronouns that they prefer being used to refer to them. The fact is that everyone is different and they know what they are and how they want to be treated. The problem is we have some people who want everyone to be politically correct all the time even if it cost someone their freedom of speech. If a mother of a Transgender child or Gender non-conforming child uses curtain pronouns to refer to their child then don’t question them or try to say that their “misgendering” their child when they see their child everyday and know what their child wants to be called. This isn’t entirely their fault it’s a product of society because we’ve been conditioned to only see two sides of every situation and not the middle ground so when someone is Gender non-conforming they’re told to “pick a side” which in some cases may be possible in time, but not everyone is the same. Raising My Rainbow author’s son is an example of just that he knows he’s a boy, but he likes things that we would normally associate with girls and that’s fine. I myself wear clothes mainly pants that I buy from the ladies section one because I like the style and two because I’m a naturally skinny person and the men’s section doesn’t carry my size in pants so I have to look in the ladies section I just wish they weren’t so focused on being “sexy” and have words on the back like “Apple Bottom” or “Juicy” which seems to be making its’ way onto clothes for little girls as well which isn’t needed at all.

Source: The New Gender Binary


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