About Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT)

I want to talk about Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT for short. The reason I’m writing this is because I’ve been thinking about starting it, but I still don’t want to get rid of my “male parts” I just want to make them them smaller. The only thing that’s stopping me is the fact that I want children sometime in the future so as for right now it’s out of the question. Then I get the idea that I could freeze my sperm for later use if I need to, but I really want to have children the natural way. The fact is I just want breasts then I was thinking about a breast augmentation to give myself a nice 49B-cup or ones that aren’t too big, but aren’t too small. That would look weird and I don’t want that. Then I got to thinking about how in school the other kids would tease me because my voice wasn’t “deep enough” which was at the time hurtful because I wasn’t out yet and I just wanted to be “one of the guys” and fit in and my voice didn’t sound like the other boys in my grade so I didn’t talk much to anyone not even teachers and that made the teachers think I didn’t speak English. My voice has always been a little high pitched now I’ve come to like it as it makes me feel more feminine and if I were to dress as a female I would pass easier than most. The simple fact is that I want to be able to switch between both male or female at times and pass as both depending on how I dress. If that makes me Gender Fluid or Gender Flux then so be I don’t mind at all. It’s not that I want to “catfish” people or it would just allow me to dress the way I feel. That why I’ve been thinking about starting HRT, but I know that as a male if I start it I won’t be able to have kids if I do. That’s a really big decision for me to make without more research being done.


2 thoughts on “About Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT)

  1. What don’t you have blockers for a while to help you decide who you really are and who you really want any to be? There is always help options and ideas for exploration before you commit to anything.

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    • I’m 28 and I know it also difficult because of late in life starting and I was in school in the 90’s and there weren’t many places where I could get help, but I wasn’t out then either even if I was there weren’t many laws protecting LGBT people. Also if I do decide to start HRT most likely they’ll place me on hormone blockers. Also I do want kids sometime in the future.


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