About Media(TV Shows)

I have come to think that TV show creators think that in order to get a curtain demographic they have to add in something that the demographic can relate to which in my opinion is dumb as all hell. I write this post because on the CW show “The 100” they added in the fact that Clarke(one of the main protagonist is a bisexual and that in order to appeal to LGBTQ+ teens. The show is aimed at teens, but because they think that a curtain demographic needs to see something that may or may not happen in their life the fact that TV producers think that is wrong. People will like a show if it’s good not because it has a sitution or issue in it that appeals to them. We need shows that don’t use subjects like LGBTQ+, Black Lives Matter, and countless others just to get ratings for their shows to stay on the air it’s time we end the 24/hr news cycle as it’s starting to mix with fictional entertainment because it’s the “right” thing to do. The fact that we let people use movements of any cause for the gain of getting “likes”, “followers”, or just to say that they were apart of something is wrong and should stop. I don’t watch TV shows because they appeal to my life I watch TV shows because I want to escape from reality and if a show is good then people will get behind it and support it continual release. Now I don’t mind when shows have subjects in them that can appeal to a curtain demographic when they’re an original creation,but not when they’re apart of a book series like “The 100” is as it only alienates the fans of the books who are expecting the show to show them what is depicted in the books to some extant which is why some liberties can be taken as long as they don’t stray too far from the books as with the show Game of Thrones did with the books for “A song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin as the show doesn’t go with the books, but it still fits the narrative of the main story form the books. We need more original TV shows to be made as most times when a show is based on a book the fans of the book are left alienated because when they were expecting a faithful retelling of the books not just taking the main plot of the books and telling the story in a different way.


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