In Defense of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Law

When “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed the LGBTQ+ Community said it was a good think as it discriminated against openly LGBT people serving or planning to serve in the US Military. The fact is that former President Bill Clinton signed the law to protect LGBT serviceman and women during their time in the Military, but there were people in the military that used it to get out of serving in the military which in my opinion the people who did that are cowards and shouldn’t have joined the military in the first place. The fact is not everything or everyone is out to get you and equality is a two-way street because if one person has a right to be themselves then the other person has that same right to do so. Personally I liked the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law because it was practical and it was basically you’re not going to tell me about your sexuality and I won’t ask you about your sexuality. The law was made to protect people, but I agree with the repeal because you had people using the law in a way it wasn’t supposed to be used so that would constitute a repeal of the law.


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