Anime Boston 2016

So Anime Boston this year was fun couldn’t decide who to cosplay as so I didn’t dress up as anyone, but the event was still fun even after waiting in line for six hours on Friday just to pay for a the pass into the convention. This year there were a lot more people than last time I went saw some really good cosplays and panels. Next year I want to cosplay as a female character done in two ways first as that character directly and then as that same character, but if they were a male which should be interesting to do I may just take a female character and gender swap them which if I do it right would be awesome and most likely I would get a lot of pictures taken because of it. I hope next year that they streamline the Pre-registration aspect of the convention because while in line I was talking with someone who went to PAX East and he said that when you pre-registrar for that convention they mail you your pass(es) and it makes it so there are less lines and shorter wait time to pay a pass a the convention. I think for next year me and my friends should do a group cosplay as it would be better for us to coordinate our who we’re each dressing as so there is more of a reason for us to stay together at the convention and it would allow us to get lots of pictures taken and compliments from other people at the convention. I just need to save up a lot of money so I have some to spend inside the convention and for food as well. Because this year I only had $80 to spend inside the convention and for food, but I don’t have to worry about food that much because I usually go half on lunch and dinner before heading back home, for next year my friends want to get a room in a hotel in Boston I only live a train ride away from the city and it takes about an hour to get to Boston by train or bus which isn’t bad as you don’t drive into Boston when there are events going on or at all if you can help it. Next year I’ll be taking pictures and video to write up a detailed post about it next year.


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