Short Story #4 (Girl Interrupted)

This is the story of a girl who is struggling with her sexuality and her faith; her mother says that girls who like boys go to hell. She lives in a world where it’s normal for people to like the someone of the same sex as themselves and it’s seen as disgusting for a man and a woman to be seen holding hands or kissing outside of what is called the breeder zones or areas within cities and towns where men and women can be together, but the zones are small and any children born in a breeder zone are taken out of the zone and given to a couple outside of the zone to raise so from birth the child can see that liking someone of the same sex is normal and liking someone of a different sex is wrong.

That didn’t stop Jenna from developing feelings for a boy that goes to her school both know that the other kids would make fun of them and call them names like breeder or liners (derogatory term used against straight people). So they kept their love a secret and they only kissed when no one was around most of the time they would play in the woods alone where no one would see them, but one day they their friends had seen them kissing, but they said that they were just pretending their friends didn’t believe them because their friends were seeing each other in secret as well so the four of them came up with a plan so all of them could date in public and no one would think anything of it. The other kids at school believed it and were none the wiser of the deception and thought nothing of it, but one day they were at a club called stonewall and the police were called because someone saw a lot men and women kissing and being loud which wasn’t the case at all, but a riot was started when there was a brick thrown at the police at the scene no one knows who threw the brick. The crowd there say it was a thrown by someone planted in the crowd by the police to give them a reason to move in and use force on the group of people that were there one of the friends was arrested and anther was killed in the rioting that was going on after which the whole school suspected them of being liners. Jenna was never the same after the stonewall riot because the boy she liked was dead and now everyone knew that she was straight and every day she received text messages that read “Go Kill yourself liner”, “Breeder whore” and other hateful things. However she didn’t let it get to her and she was the first girl at her high school to come out as straight she had also started fighting for straight rights because everyone deserves to be able to love who they want to love not who people tell them to. The next week she organized a candle lighting for the people who died during the Stonewall riot which had an attendance of 4000 people and not just the ones who were there, but people from the area as well there were a couple of people who were protesting the gathering of Liners shouting things like “The only good Liner is a dead Liner”, “Liners go home”, and “All Liners must die” as well as worst things that were very hurtful and disrespectful. She had also organized the ever Liner Pride Parade which was broadcast on TV and after which more and more kids were coming out as Straight and laws were being passed to protect Liners in the workplace and finding a place to live. Jenna’s fight for equality wasn’t over after she finished collage she was lobbying the government to enact more protections for Liner Youth in schools across the country. Then one day she was out on her daily jog in the morning when she was shot and killed by someone from the anti-liner movement which only made it so the Liner Youth Protection Law was passed in her honor being renamed “Jenna’s Law” after her death however more and more kids were coming out and continuing the fight for Liner Rights.


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