My Opinion on Trans Youth

This is just my opinion on trans youth that are nine years old or younger and I know it may not be a popular one, but it’s just what I believe. I think that parents should treat it as a phase, but not call it a phase just play it off as a childish game because maybe it is parents won’t know unless they allow their child to explore it for themselves figure it out who they are because it may be a phase that they’re going through. Why do I think this because with all of the reality shows and documentaries about transgender youth their may be parents out there who will use their child to get famous for supporting their child’s transition in order to get free stuff while it may not happen often it still happens. I’m just glad it doesn’t happen a lot and it’s at a level where it’s like it doesn’t happen at all and it should stay that way. The fact that trans youth issues are being talked about more and more is a good thing, but with this generation and its’ constant need to get “likes” on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter , and YouTube is a little unnerving because there is no telling what someone would do to be “internet famous” and that scares the hell out of me because people will do anything to get famous.


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